Iron Horse Farm is dedicated to helping each horse and rider reach their full potential.  We strive to train each horse to be obedient, light on the aids and fun to ride.  Our riders range from those who want to be successful competitors, those who want to start youngsters with solid foundations, to those who just want to enjoy a relaxing and safe trail ride. No matter what the goals may be, Iron Horse farm will work to customize a training program right for you and your horse.

Karyn accepts a limited number of horses for short- and long-term full training.  She is also available for evaluation rides and partial training.

All levels welcome - specializing in Eventing, Dressage, and basic horsemanship

Coaching at Competitions
See the calendar for the list of upcoming shows Karyn and the IHF crew will be attending.

Buyer/Selling Agent
Contact Karyn to discuss what you're looking for, or a plan to sell your horse!